Architecture degree

IUAV Architecture University - Italy

Master in Holistic Psychology Esneca Business School- Madrid

Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming

Society of NLP Richard Bandler


EMBA- Executive Master in Business Administration

MIB School of Management – Italy

Liceo Classico G. Leopardi – Italy Degree in Litterature



I worked for more than 15 years in Italy in Marketing Communication and Production Design doing photo shoots, artistic installations, exhibition stands, videos, ADV, and more, starting from the concept development, through budget and costs management, to the full production and direction processes.

In 2016 I moved to Los Angeles and I started working for the industry right away, making movies, music videos, Tv series, and theatrical pieces, getting outstanding results while bringing with me the remarkable European style everyone seems to love. 

I can mix my knowledge from the architectural world with the psychology concepts I studied throughout the years, so that everything I do can be said to have a “soul” and to “come alive”, whether on the screen or in real life installations and creations.



Works done in LA 2016-2021

as Production Designer /AD:

-  Unmask the world / Music Video 2021

-  Move on / Short Movie 2021

-  Never Alone / Movie Musical 2021

-  The Runner / Movie 2020 

-  Italian for Travelers / Movie 2019 

-  Small Engine Repair /Theatre 2019

-  Bad Impulse / Movie 2019

-  Disrupted / Movie 2019

-  Aware I’m Rare / TV Pilot 2018 

-  Gas Station / Short Movie 2018

-  Savage Lands  / Short Movie 2017

-  Collected Stories / Theatre 2017

-  Better Days / Movie 2016

-  Her Levels of Love / Short Movie 2016

-  Hatful of Rain / Theatre  2016

-  I can Only / Short Movie 2016

-  Poligonerz / TV Serie 2016 (6 episodes)

-  The Piano / Short Movie 2016

-  Spike Hells / Theatre 2016

-  Vania and Sonja and Masha and Spike       Theatre Play 2016

-  Je te Pardonne,Maitre Gim- Sia

   Music Video 2016



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Los Angeles

Los Angeles