Alessandra Manias was born in Italy in 1979, she started drawing since she was 5 years old, with particular attention to the design of rooms in perspective and portrait.
She studied litterature at the High School and than she became an Architect in 2005.
She worked in Italy as Art Director for design and advertising companies with predilection for photo shoots for catalogues and ADV campaigns, exhibition stands, videos; at the same time she got a Master EMBA (Executive Master in Business Administration) and Master NLP (neuro linguistic programming).

In 2015 she decided to change her Life and Country and she arrived in Los Angeles with the idea to work in Art and Entertainment.
In Los Angeles she started working immediately as indipendent Production Designer and Art Director for Movies, Tv shows, Videos, Theatres and she is still working in it.

As an Artist the big change happened in 2012 when she started having an aversion in her life about career, material things, fake people, appearance.
In this period she shifted to Abstract painting, a challenging process after a life of figurative drawing: “ to become an Abstract Painter is a journey to find my soul”.

The Abstract painting she reppresents are minimalist, clean and balanced; they symbolize the Calm in a background of Restlessness.
“I’m constantly looking for a certain Calmness in my Life, but at the same time I complicate it to make it unique and wonderful. This constant restlessness, the research for something new, the need of knowledge, the aptitude to go beyond and evolve, it is fighting with a profound desire for tranquility, order and organization that represents me. These two different worlds that live together are represented in my paintings.”

The main feature in her painting is the background, usually white, made with spatula, and a casting of black acrylic color. The black casting is the last touch in the painting and makes balance to the entire painting.
The red point is the focus, the seal, the reference point.

The palette she uses are mostly white, red, black or primary colors.
In 2019 she is rediscovering her nature of Architect and you can see it on her painting because she is using geometric shapes that is remembering the Bauhaus historic period. 

© 2019 by Alessandra Manias