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Would you like to take advantage of the opportunity to receive advice for your house or apartment from an Italian Architect and multi-award-winning movie Production Designer?

Well, here I am

I have a solid educational background, having studied and graduated from one of Italy's most prestigious architecture universities, IUAV in Venice. Following my academic journey, I worked in Italy for 15 years as an Art Director and Production Designer for some of the most prominent design and furniture companies. In the last 7 years, I've had the privilege of working on nearly 35 movies in Los Angeles, achieving remarkable success. This totals to an impressive 22 years of experience in my field.


Through my work in movies, I've mastered the art of transforming the ambiance and style of homes within a matter of hours or days, allowing for a complete metamorphosis. Now, I'm excited to offer my services to individuals at a very affordable price.


If you're interested in receiving advice for your home, you can book an hour-long consultation by clicking HERE, or you can contact me for more extensive projects. I'm currently based in Los Angeles and available for one-hour in person consultations. For larger projects, I'm willing to travel to other states or countries. If you're considering buying property in Italy, I can also assist you in that endeavor.

Regarding our one-hour consultation service, here's what you can expect:


I will visit your home and immediately provide you with valuable advice on how to reorganize your space, decorate, and even change the colors of your walls to meet your needs. You can then decide whether to proceed with the changes on your own or enlist my help and that of my team.

The price for 1 hour in person consultation is $375.


Before booking a consultation with me, I recommend the following:


  • Think about your needs and why you want to make changes to a room or rooms.

  • Consider whether your needs are centered around creating more space or enhancing the overall appeal and atmosphere.

  • Find examples of styles and designs that resonate with you before our consultation.

  • Have a clear idea of colors and styles that you absolutely do not like.

  • Be open to receiving creative solutions you may not have previously considered.

  • Determine whether you want to refresh your home without investing in new materials or furniture, or if you have a budget set aside for making significant changes.

My ultimate goal is to create beauty and help you optimize your happy place.

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