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Filmhaus Berlin Film Festival 



for the film The Runner

The Runner - Saban Poster - Theater Release.png


Best Director - Catalina Film Festival 2021

Best Action Drama - Filmhaus Berlin 2021

Best Film - Filmhaus Berlin 2021

Outstanding Achievement Award - L'Age d'Or

Audience Award - London Independent Film Festival

Best Lead Actor of the year - Lonely Wolf , London

Best Sound Design -Lonely Wolf, London Film Festival

Best supporting actor , Douglas -Lonely Wolf, London Film Fest

Best supporting actress, Amlee -Lonely Wolf , London Film Fest

Best Cinematography of the year Lonely Wolf , London Film Fest

Best Narrative Feature - Los Angeles Film Awards

Best Thriller - Los Angeles Film Awards

Honorable mention: lead actor -Los Angeles Film Awards

Best Feature Film - Milan Gold Awards 

Best Director - Milan Gold Awards

Best Female Director - Montreal Independent Film Festival

Best Indie Feature - New York International Film Awards

Best Feature Film - New York Movie Awards

Best Thriller - Paris Film Festival 

Best Director- Paris Play Film Festival

Best Feature Film - Silicon Beach Film Festival

Best Thriller Film - Thriller/Suspence Film & Writing Festival

Best Cinematography - Toronto Independent Festival of CIFT

Best Female Director - Vancouver Independent Film Festival


Feature Film - Cannes World Film Festival 

Feature Drama - Cinequest San Jose Film Festival

Best Feature USA - Ferrara Film Festival

Best Costume Design - Filmhaus Berlin

Best Director - Filmhaus Berlin

Best Editing - Filmhaus Berlin

Best Lead Actor - Filmhaus Berlin

Best Make up& special effects - Filmhaus Berlin

Best Production Design - Filmhaus Berlin

Best supporting actor - Filmhaus Berlin

Best Thriller - Filmhaus Berlin

Semi-finalist - Flickers Rhode Island International Film Fest

Best Drama - Lonely Wolf , London Film Festival 

Best Feature Film - Lonely Wolf , London Film Festival 

Best Action Film - Lonely Wolf , London Film Festival 

Best Suspense /Thriller - World Fest Houston 



- Chambal International Film Festival

  Winner Best Sound

- Santa Cruz International Film Festival, Argentina 

  Winner Best Experimental Feature Film

- Eurovision Palermo Film Festival

  Best Thriller

- Culver City Film Festival

  Best Director


- Europa Film Festival

  Nomination Best Thriller

- Malta Film Festival 

  Nomination Best Film 

- Santa Monica Film Festival

  Honorable Mention Best Feature

- San Francisco Frozen Film Festival 

  Best Digital Film 

bad impulse.jpg


- Golden State Film Festival

  Best Feature Film 

- Cinema at the Edge Independent Film Festival  

  Best Feature Film 

- Culver City Film Festival

  Best Director

- International Film Festival Manhattan 

  Best Feature Film 

- London Independent Film Award

  Best Feature Film 


- Ferrara Film Festival

  Best Feature

never alone .png


- Depth of Field International Film Festival

  Best Original Music

  Best Indie Feature film 

- Documentaries Without Borders Film Festival

  Best Original Score

- Hollywood Gold Awards

  Best Indie Feature Film

- L.A. Indies Award

  Best Feature Narrative Film 

- Miami Indie Film Award

  Best Cinematography

  Best Indie Film

- Milan Gold Awards

  Best Narrative Indie Film

-  Paris Film Awards 

  Best Indie Feature

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