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Chambal International Film Festival

Winner Best Sound


Europa Film Festival

Nomination Best Thriller


Malta Film Festival 

Nomination Best Film 

Santa Cruz International Film Festival, Argentina 

Winner Best Experimental Feature Film

Santa Monica Film Festival

Honorable Mention Best Feature

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Filmhaus Berlin Film Festival 



for the film The Runner.

I'm very excited because it is my first nomination.

The Runner - Saban Poster - Theater Release.png


Best Director - Catalina Film Festival 2021

Best Action Drama - Filmhaus Berlin 2021

Best Film - Filmhaus Berlin 2021

Outstanding Achievement Award - L'Age d'Or

Audience Award - London Independent Film Festival

Best Lead Actor of the year - Lonely Wolf , London

Best Sound Design -Lonely Wolf, London Film Festival

Best supporting actor , Douglas -Lonely Wolf, London Film Fest

Best supporting actress, Amlee -Lonely Wolf , London Film Fest

Best Cinematography of the year Lonely Wolf , London Film Fest

Best Narrative Feature - Los Angeles Film Awards

Best Thriller - Los Angeles Film Awards

Honorable mention: lead actor -Los Angeles Film Awards

Best Feature Film - Milan Gold Awards 

Best Director - Milan Gold Awards

Best Female Director - Montreal Independent Film Festival

Best Indie Feature - New York International Film Awards

Best Feature Film - New York Movie Awards

Best Thriller - Paris Film Festival 

Best Director- Paris Play Film Festival

Best Feature Film - Silicon Beach Film Festival

Best Thriller Film - Thriller/Suspence Film & Writing Festival

Best Cinematography - Toronto Independent Festival of CIFT

Best Female Director - Vancouver Independent Film Festival


Feature Film - Cannes World Film Festival 

Feature Drama - Cinequest San Jose Film Festival

Best Feature USA - Ferrara Film Festival

Best Costume Design - Filmhaus Berlin

Best Director - Filmhaus Berlin

Best Editing - Filmhaus Berlin

Best Lead Actor - Filmhaus Berlin

Best Make up& special effects - Filmhaus Berlin

Best Production Design - Filmhaus Berlin

Best supporting actor - Filmhaus Berlin

Best Thriller - Filmhaus Berlin

Semi-finalist - Flickers Rhode Island International Film Fest

Best Drama - Lonely Wolf , London Film Festival 

Best Feature Film - Lonely Wolf , London Film Festival 

Best Action Film - Lonely Wolf , London Film Festival 

Best Suspense /Thriller - World Fest Houston